Building a Sustainable Future

Examining smart and environmentally friendly technologies and methods, such as biodiesel, green buildings, natural power, energy efficient appliances and many others that take a minimal toll on the environment, in order to inform and help make our future a sustainable one.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Recycling. Biodiesel/alternative fuels. Green buildings. Energy efficiency. Solar/wind power. Waste reduction. Organics.

What do all of these terms have in common? They're all ways to talk about sustainable living. Webster's dictionary defines "sustainable living" as:
"any lifestyle based on energy-saving and environmental responsibility".

Simply put, the idea of a sustainable future is one where buildings, businesses, individuals, and man-made systems are interdependent without being interfering. Presently, many systems are both - they depend on each other, but often to a parasitic extent, such that they 'use up' or 'bring down' the system they depend on in such a way that over time, the supporting resource may be damaged or even destroyed altogether.

As a result, in order to ensure a future that is better, cleaner, more healthy, and more sustainable for future generations, it is important that mankind today become aware of the implications of many of his presently wasteful and damaging systems and actions on future generations.

And that's where this blog begins - a simple chronicle of news items, building and living practices and advice, and discussion with regards to living cleanly, sustainably, and with the conscious desire to leave the world better than how we found it.


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