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Friday, September 08, 2006

A clothing Alternative.

Look out, leather and fur! Alternative Outfitters, major online (and recently storefront) vegan retailer is here to set the stage with new, cool animal-friendly, cruelty free fashion for the 21st century.

While Alternative Outfitters previously catered mainly to the female market, they are expanding their vegan offerings to include more males now as well, with guys' shoes, shirts, and more. Of course, for the ladies, they offer a fine range of normally hard-to-find vegan products, such as cosmetics, shoes, handbags, and even outerwear.

Given the extensive waste generated by leather proccessing facilities, a more glamorous vegan look/brand appeal is a welcome presence.

Additionally, more and more consumers are making the switch from animal cruelty-related products to more animal friendly/vegan ones, which create less chemical by-products and toxic effluent runoffs, adding to the long-term sustainability of these new, environmentally-conscious products.

Certainly, time will tell, with regard to the long-term appeal of vegan products, but you can bet Alternative Outfitters will be there with their satisfying selection of sustainable streetclothes.

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